What is Tierra del Sol?

When you choose to shop at the Sunland Farmers Market, you're helping empower adults with developmental disabilities to become self-sufficient and productive employees, professional volunteers, students, artists, and members of society! Thank you for supporting your local farmers market and Tierra del Sol Foundation! 

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Our Vision and Mission

A strong vibrant community is one in which all of its members contribute to the strengths and assets for the common good. Tierra's mission is to empower people with disabilities to fulfill their potential and desire to become productive citizens who are accepted, included and valued for the contributions they make to the economic, civic, and cultural vitality of the community. We are actively working toward the day when people with any type of diability are fully recognized as an integral part of our community - as neighbors, co-workers, and contributors. 

Our Values

- Each and every human life has value and meaning. 

- Regardless of the notion of disability, each person has the potential and the right to lead a full, productive, and personally meaningful life. 

- A life with quality includes participation in the economic, cultural, civic, and spiritual affairs of the community. 

- A life with quality includes loved ones and valued social relationships. 

-Famalies and communities are stronger when all of their members are accepted and valued for their contributions.